Grade Modelling


Grade modelling is an essential requirement in understanding your deposit. SRK utilises a wide range of techniques to model your deposit, across a wide range of commodities and deposit styles. Our approach to grade modelling is always based on the geology of your deposit: we aim to tailor the resource estimation process to your individual deposit.

Commonly utilised methodologies include: kriging, Gaussian transforms, simulations, recoverable resource estimation, and indicator methods.

Our geologists are highly experienced in undertaking a wide range of statistical and geostatistical studies. We have a large skill base in the use of advanced statistical and geostatistical packages, such as Gemcom, Datamine, Vulcan, Surpac and Isatis.

SRK’s global experience covers a wide range of commodities and deposit styles. We understand what will benefit your deposit, and how to add value.


  • Wide range of statistical, geostatistical and grade interpolation skills, building from our extensive three dimensional geological modelling skills;
  • Wide range of grade estimation techniques, ranging from kriging to conditional simulation;
  • Determining which technique is the most suitable for your deposit, based on the understanding of the underlying geology.
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